“Partnering with Bognet Construction was an absolute pleasure”

We are doing great at NGA and loving our beautiful and very-much improved space. It is amazing to see just how much our space has transformed in the span of less than half a year! Working and partnering with Bognet Construction on our renovation project was an absolute pleasure. From the very first moment that we met you and your team during the interviewing process, we knew that we could trust Bognet to bring our vision to fruition. We could not have asked for a better team!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the superintendent was a total rock star throughout our project and went above and beyond in impressing NGA with his expertise, professionalism, and ability to get anything and everything done. Our new space is truly a reflection of Bognet’s commitment and dedication to quality and presentation.

We truly appreciate the fact that Bognet was always available to answer our questions, offered us valuable solutions and advice and consistently steered us in the right direction whenever we were not sure of a decision. The team made what could easily have been an extremely challenging project [considering the circumstances under which we had to perform our construction], an enjoyable process for us all.

What impressed me the most was witnessing the way that the crew was treated and everyone interacted with a great degree of kindness and respect. The superintendent’s wonderful demeanor and engaging personality won over some not-so-easy-to-impress personnel at the Hall of States building – everyone in our building thinks and speaks highly of him. I would confidently recommend Bognet Construction for future construction projects.

“I deeply regret not writing you sooner to tell you how pleased my agency is”

First, let me say I deeply regret not writing you sooner to tell you how pleased my agency is with the lease construction project your company performed on our Headquarters in Rockville. All projects, especially government projects on a large scale like this one, require many people with different perspectives and interest in the outcome to collaborate or a successful project and a high quality deliverable. Your whole team was instrumental in the project’s success. While the project team was forming and going through the typical growing pains and team building, your team lead was a steady and calming influence on the design efforts and construction plan. Because of his ability to offer alternative solutions for both design and implementation, we kept our aggressive schedule. I would encourage you to use him in any future government work and to do everything possible to have him integrated into the project early. He is an asset.

The project manager joined the team as designs were becoming final and the mobilization was starting. He seamlessly transitioned to the lead for Bognet and maintained the same even keel and collaborative attitude. Through the permitting process, the challenges with product availability and most importantly, customer driven changes, he kept the project moving. He did a fantastic job.

Over my federal career I have managed many large scale construction projects and I have to say, this superintendent is among the best superintendents I have worked with. He is very organized, his demeanor and easy going style make him a pleasure to work with. He brought issues with designs or field conditions to our attention early and worked with his subcontractors to find cost effective solutions. Through two demolition phases, three construction phases and many agency driven change orders, he delivered high quality work on time.

“We could not recommend you high enough to another company”

I am writing to express our sincerest gratitude. As construction draws to a conclusion you all have done nothing but confirm our early indications that you were the right people for the job.  The superintendent arrived every day on time (weekend & holidays included), worked long hours to accommodate building rules that also included our employees needs and even when we needed someone to stay late for a meeting or an inspection the superintendent was always willing to lend a hand. Bognet personally kept us on schedule and we couldn’t have imagined completing this job without you all.  They kept all of our vendors on schedule ( even ones we hired separately), made sure that they were held to a higher standard when completing their work, allowed our employees to navigate the construction schedule in a way that did not hinder their work and we are overly grateful for all of that. Bognet thoroughly communicated the schedule and work in a way that was easy to stay on top of and proactively acted anytime we suggested a last second change order. We appreciate all your time, hard work and professionalism even today as you still continue to see the very end of the project through. We could not recommend Bognet high enough to another company.

“Delivering an experience that exceeded our expectations”

We are thrilled with our new space!  We are settling in comfortably and are already reaping the benefits of increased collaboration and improved productivity in a more comfortable and functional workspace.  I’m not sure I’d sign up for managing a project like this again unless I could be guaranteed of having an experience like the one we had with Bognet.  It was truly a team effort. Bognet did an outstanding job for us, managing this project with a grace and poise beyond expectations. They would answer the multitude of silly questions I threw at them and were quick to offer cost effective solutions to some tricky problems we encountered along the way.   

The superintendent was the epitome of the “get it done” guy.  He has a knack for engaging and motivating the teams around him – a skill I’d like to more of in our own workforce –  a skill that is rarely found.   The whole team was informative and reassuring. Many thanks to Bognet and extended team for delivering an experience that exceeded our expectations and an environment that will serve us well into the future.

“You guys make me look very good”

You all have always been accessible and willing to help in any way and I truly appreciate it. I say it all the time and I mean it, you guys make me look very good and we certainly couldn’t do it without you. This was my first project by myself, and you three were always incredibly helpful through each phase of the project when construction actually kicked off. I can’t think of a single time where I got a call that didn’t already have a solution in mind. The superintendent did a good job of keeping me in the loop as to what was going on, and he was on top of every sub and vendor involved.

“Bognet was excellent to communicate with”

As the Operations Manager for Summit, I must rely on a construction company who will look out for the interest of my firm, works to remove multiple loose ends, cost overruns and any delays in schedule. Bognet Construction was efficient, worked hard to keep the project in-line and was excellent to communicate with. In fact, even today 10 months later, I can email our project manager and will receive a reply immediately. This was a great experience form Summit’s perspective to work with such a professional group.