It was a pleasure working with The Magellan Group, FOX Architects and Veatch Commercial Real Estate on BTI360’s new 30,000 SF office in Pinkard Group’s Monument III.  The dynamic space for this growing tech customer includes a SCIF and is full of hubs and neighborhoods to host internal classes, hackathons, technical meetups, and team building events. Transwall demountable walls and a sleek movable glass wall by NanaWall offer flexibility while other architectural features symbolize a fingerprint to embody BTI’s culture and rebrand.

Alion at the Boro

Alion’s new space in the up-and-coming Boro neighborhood is a modern build-out with high-end finishes throughout. Highlights include a partition for the conference room, set just inside the reception area.

Confidential Client

Bognet was brought on early in the design process for this confidential client’s three-floor buildout in Arlington’s growing tech hub.  Being involved in this crucial window allowed our team to partake in goal creation and to set the pace for the remainder of the project.  In turn, the field team ensured the project followed proper sequencing to execute on the architect’s design intent –  sharp clean lines married with subtle rounded corners – while hitting key milestones and delivering the project ahead of schedule.  During the height of the pandemic, Bognet implemented strict safety protocols and used Procore, Microsoft Teams and virtual inspections to make a rapid transition to full-time online work.  

This high-tech space was completed in two phases, and has a NSOC with
dHive & Designtex Cloaking film to deliver privacy while maintaining an open feel. The upstairs pantry mimics the design of the smaller 15th floor pantry, with custom millwork and other beautiful finishes. The space also includes a secluded recording studio.


This project relocates Rapid7’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team to an expanded space creating a customer showcase in the Washington, DC area. Part of IA’s firmwide roll-out of Rapid7’s “Workplace of the Future” initiative, the experience within the facility was thoughtfully planned. Upon entry, one is greeted at the reception. While waiting, there is a comfortable touchdown area with high end coffee and adjacent meeting spaces. From reception, one can travel into the cafe for an informal chat or into the training space for a larger onsite session. The experience concludes with a glimpse into the SOC or tour within for trusted clients.
The overall aesthetic of the space is raw and connects to the infrastructure of the city with the exposed ceiling painted black, polished concrete floors, open cell ceilings, and steel accents. Visual privacy into the SOC needed to be maintained. Through the use of Casper film, the end result achieves both goals.
Rapid7 powers the practice of SecOps by delivering shared visibility, analytics, and automation to unite security, IT, and DevOps teams.

Expedition Technology

Bognet Construction worked closely with Expedition Technology as their company experienced rapid growth.

Expanding their headquarters each year, Bognet provided consistency for the three successive projects including two floors of workstations, a welcoming collaboration area, and an innovation center.

“We were able to provide lessons learned between each project,” said Vice President, Carlo Stalteri. “This helped to inform each phase of design and mitigate potential issues and keep projects on track.” 

The software developer’s multi-floor headquarters can now serve a dual purpose as a collaborative innovation hub and a workspace for their growing staff.

FLIR Systems

The FLIR space located in Arlington functions as a high-end working,
training, and demonstration environment. Wood feature ceilings and open
ceilings are mixed throughout the space. The wood is featured in areas
such as the lobby, pantry, lounge and huddle areas. The open ceilings are
located in the hallways, conference rooms, and open work areas. Some
other notable aspects within this space are the millwork displays in the
demonstration and command center, glass office fronts, polished concrete
floors, operable partitions, and of course the secure/SCIF rooms.

FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and
distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. They
bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through thermal imaging,
visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and
advanced threat detection systems.