Summit Consulting
Specialized Analytics Advisory Firm

Summit Consulting is not your typical corporate office. The architect used a fun play on colors to create a vibrant and artistic space. Glass walls, concrete floors and artistic slatted wood feature walls create visual interest throughout the space. The space even includes what the tenant calls a “Living Room” for an open and relaxing collaboration area.

Summit Consulting provides data analytics and program evaluation services.

Services provided

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Customer Satisfaction
Our project was completed on schedule. This was the 3rd buildout Summit Consulting has been involved with but the first time using Bognet Construction. Our experience was superb. As the Operations Manager for Summit, I must rely on a construction company who will look out for the interest of my firm, works to remove the multiple loose ends, cost overruns and any delays in schedule. Bognet Construction was efficient, worked hard to keep the project in-line and was excellent to communicate with. In fact, even today 10 months later, I can email our project manager and will receive a reply immediately. This was a great experience from Summit’s perspective to work with such a professional group.
Lisa Jaso
Operations Manager
Summit Consulting