1660 Amenities

The 1660 Amenities project was repurposing of a parking garage level. We took an 8,000+SF section of a parking deck built underneath the overhang of an office building and created an amenities suite including a pantry, lounge, conference rooms, fitness area, lockers/showers and an outdoor patio. It included carbon fiber, concrete beam and shear cap enlargements along with added steel reinforcing work. Along with this CMU walls, glass storefront, sidewalks, raised concrete slabs and concrete raised access floor were included in the renovation. Challenges were mainly the reinforcement work, concrete/CMU and the HVAC system since the space was never intended to receive MEP’s in the plenum space created by the ceilings. We had to rework/redesign the mechanical system and mechanical rooms to make it all work along with redesigning large portions of the CMU walls, concrete slabs and sidewalks. All with incorporating the modern and fun design elements. Overall the space came out great with an extremely happy client, architect and owner.