“We could not recommend you high enough to another company”

I am writing to express our sincerest gratitude. As construction draws to a conclusion you all have done nothing but confirm our early indications that you were the right people for the job.  The superintendent arrived every day on time (weekend & holidays included), worked long hours to accommodate building rules that also included our employees needs and even when we needed someone to stay late for a meeting or an inspection the superintendent was always willing to lend a hand. Bognet personally kept us on schedule and we couldn’t have imagined completing this job without you all.  They kept all of our vendors on schedule ( even ones we hired separately), made sure that they were held to a higher standard when completing their work, allowed our employees to navigate the construction schedule in a way that did not hinder their work and we are overly grateful for all of that. Bognet thoroughly communicated the schedule and work in a way that was easy to stay on top of and proactively acted anytime we suggested a last second change order. We appreciate all your time, hard work and professionalism even today as you still continue to see the very end of the project through. We could not recommend Bognet high enough to another company.