“Delivering an experience that exceeded our expectations”

We are thrilled with our new space!  We are settling in comfortably and are already reaping the benefits of increased collaboration and improved productivity in a more comfortable and functional workspace.  I’m not sure I’d sign up for managing a project like this again unless I could be guaranteed of having an experience like the one we had with Bognet.  It was truly a team effort. Bognet did an outstanding job for us, managing this project with a grace and poise beyond expectations. They would answer the multitude of silly questions I threw at them and were quick to offer cost effective solutions to some tricky problems we encountered along the way.   

The superintendent was the epitome of the “get it done” guy.  He has a knack for engaging and motivating the teams around him – a skill I’d like to more of in our own workforce –  a skill that is rarely found.   The whole team was informative and reassuring. Many thanks to Bognet and extended team for delivering an experience that exceeded our expectations and an environment that will serve us well into the future.