Rusty Todd image
Passion for Construction
I started working on construction projects during the summers while in school. I always had a love for building things and being part of progress.
Wife, 5 Kids, 9 Grandchildren
Charitable Groups
WBC Missions, Stop Hunger Now
Favorite Movie
Little-known Fact
Volunteered as a Civil War Re-enactment actor for 10 years.
Favorite Vacation Spot
Home - I have mountains, rivers, lakes, golf courses, and beaches all a short distance away

As a Senior Vice President, Rusty manages a wide variety of projects. He is passionate about the pre-construction phase of a project and believes that proactive pre-construction efforts ensure the quality execution of the project. He also focuses on maintaining quality client and subcontractor relations throughout the entire project.

Rusty has been in the commercial construction industry for over forty years. He began his career as a carpenter, progessed to a project manager and traveled the country gaining a wide variety of experience. He has enjoyed watching the transformation of the Washington metropolitan region.